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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Rebecca Brown & Elaine

The "Demon Warriors" who inspired Chick

Be aware that this review is really more of a transcription. These two tapes are packed full of such incredible material, there is little I could add to make it more remarkable than it already is. Here then are the high points--and there are many-- broken up into four segments (as heard on the four separate tape sides). What few remarks I add are in parenthesis (except for my opening paragraph).

Closet Witches starts out like most good horror movies: Slow and unassuming. Jack introduces his two guests as Rebecca and Elaine. He never gives their real last names, leaving the listener to wonder what would happen if he did. Would they be murdered? (It's like when 60 Minutes interviews someone in black silhouette. Very mysterious and threatening.) Rebecca is in fact Dr. Rebecca Brown, who changed her name from Ruth Bailey and lost her Indiana medical license in 1984 for "malpractice and abuse". Her version of the real cause is different and much more dramatic. She says after she admitted to hearing the voice of God, they figured she was on drugs and took away her right to prescribe medicine. (Funny how that works. It's the Christian equivalent of Catch 22.) Elaine is actually Elaine Moses (former Mrs. Satan, but we'll cover that later). Since she hasn't authored anything herself, she doesn't seem to have been targeted by Chick-haters for dishing as much as Rebecca has, or placed under the microscope for critical examination and embarrassment. (But you never know what the future may bring.) Elaine lets Rebecca do most the talking at first, but what she lacks in quantity of remarks, she more than makes up for in quality.

Rebecca gives the background to her sensation story. She was a doctor at a hospital that was located in an unspecified city. This hospital was "resistant to the gospel Jesus." It removed all Bibles and fired employees who evangelized. It also had a high rate of mysterious deaths. Rebecca inquired about why so many died unexplained deaths. She was told to shut up. She spoke with patients and discovered that a shocking 75% suffered from "ICU psychosis" (disoriented by lack of night and experiencing hallucinations). Besides the extraordinary high %, she was amazed to hear that they ALL saw demons.

Another incident was when the police brought in pastor into the Emergency room who was a torture victim. He had been beaten, partially skinned, burned and was unconscious. In the four months that followed, he awoke and told Rebecca he had been abducted by Satanists who were angry about his efforts to turn others to Christ.

Then Rebecca met Pearl, an older black patient who was scared she was going to die. She told Rebecca that nurses were telling her to stop resisting death so she could die without pain and return reincarnated. One of them called her "higher powers" down to escort Pearl to her next life. She laid her hands on Pearl and started incantations. Pearl saw demons appear and became terrified. She told Rebecca if she stayed in Intensive Care one more night, she would die because she couldn't fight it anymore. Rebecca recognized that Pearl was medically alert, not disoriented, and had gotten to know Pearl over several months earlier and was certain she was not a liar. "The Lord commanded me to spend the night with Pearl." The results were terrifying. "For the first time in my life, I experienced direct Satanic oppression like I had never experienced it before. You know, being a doctor, I was so trained in the scientific approach. Everything is measurable. But you cannot measure the things of the spirit world with physical measurements. You just can't do it. And there I was, sitting at Pearl's bedside, and suddenly I was oppressed with such an incredible power like I had never experienced before. There was absolutely nothing that I could see. And yet I felt as if something that was literally trying to squash my body into the floor. As if something was absolutely just trying to suck the life out of me."

Rebecca realized later that demons were attacking her, but she didn't know that at the time. She held hands with Pearl and prayed out loud for the Lord to shield them. Pearl survived and Rebecca discharged her from the ICU the following morning, but Rebecca was shaken up. Meanwhile, the other nurses (many of which Rebecca later learned were Witches) gossiped about the crazy doctor who took a patient's ICU psychosis seriously enough to stay up all night with her.

The next step was quick to come. Rebecca held a Bible study and met another nurse (Lynn) who eventually confided that she was a witch in training. Her job was to talk patients into dying, just as Pearl had described. "Lynn also told me more about the group in the area... It turns out, that I was training was just 20 miles from the second largest center of Satanism in the US... There was a whole town that was made up of Satanists and they had a Satanists' church, but they also had a lot of denominational Christian Churches they attended to put on a good front."

Chick interrupts to ask, "What about the Police and the Fire department and all that? You mean they were all members of the coven? The whole thing was a cover?"

Rebecca responds, (probably to Chick's disappointment) "Well, no, not the whole thing, there were a few people scattered in there that had not joined. But basically, the entire community was. It turns out that this particular community also has one of the world's largest literature distribution centers of Occult literature."

Chick follows up, "So this thing must be spreading across the United States?"

Rebecca answers, "Yes, it already has spread. This is the reason the Lord called Elaine and I out here because the first largest center of Satanism in the United States is within the Los Angeles San Francisco area."

Rebecca continued her fight for the lives of her hospital patients. "Lynn told me and the Lord confirmed to me that there were many many nurses in that hospital and also doctors, who were Satanists... There were patients who would take a turn for the worse. There were many times I would be standing on one side of the bedside doing everything I could to save the patients life, and the nurse or doctor, another doctor working with me, would be standing on the other side doing their incantations... It was a spiritual battle."

Like most battles, Rebecca realized she would have to take this war into the trenches. "What I started doing on the Lord's leading, is that every evening, before I left the hospital, I walked through the entire hospital, through every Intensive Care Unit, through every ward... and I would very quietly so that nobody would ever hear me but out loud, I plead the blood of Jesus. I asked the Lord to shield every one one of those patients... In the name of Jesus I took authority over and bound every demon spirit in that place and every spirit that would be brought into that place. And I asked the Lord to bind all Satanic powers so that they could not function. And it was amazing. The death rate in the Intensive Care unit when I started doing that dropped by about 50% from what it had been!"

Soon, Chick turns his attention to Elaine and asks if she was aware of what Rebecca was doing at that time. She answers, "Yes, I was as the peak of my power at that time. I RAN that whole community. I received orders from Satan himself, he came to me and gave DIRECT orders to get rid of this doctor that was causing all these problems."

She confesses to Chick that she gave the order for the young minister to be brutalized and tortured, but they had to come up with something different for Rebecca because two tortures in the same year would be too suspicious. "They might believe the two where they wouldn't believe the one. So I organized a National effort between top witches nationwide to get rid of Rebecca." She learned that Rebecca had an incurable disease and all the witches banned together to chant and make her disease worse. It worked. Rebecca's rare muscular disease suddenly began to get rapidly worse. It was so serious that she was told she only had a month to live. She was given a choice of checking in the hospital or going home to die. (She chose home.)

Then a very godly man, "Pastor Pat", came to her and told her the Lord had told him she was under attack by Demons for taking on the witches, but that the Lord didn't want her to die yet. He asked if she had been involved with witches. She had not shared with him anything about the hospital situation until that time, but the two discussed it "and we saw the connection." Pastor Pat's entire church of 200 started fasting and praying for Rebecca around the clock for a week and she was shielded from the Demons, then healed. It took 4 months to complete recuperate, but eventually, she was totally cured of the incurable disease by the Lord.

How did it affect Elaine when the Church started praying for Rebecca? "My demons came back to me and beat me up. They'd be yelling and screaming at me, 'How dare I send them against a true born again believer!'" (This scene would later be immortalized in the Chick tract, Satan's Master.) Soon after that, Elaine got a visit from Satan too. He wanted to know what the hold up was, and got mean and nasty with her. "So I got really nasty with my servants, the witches underneath me... Because I was being disciplined, you see." Rebecca prods Elaine to say whether the beating was physical for not. "Yes, they would manifest themselves in a physical form and beat me up like if you and I got in a fisticuffs fight, we'd have bruises all over us and if Jack were standing there seeing us, he could see us fight."

Jack asks if this was Elaine's first realization of "a greater power than Satan." She says no, and there hangs a tale. She explains how witches have competitions of "witch fights", where they would conjure demons to see who was the most powerful. They would change rats into cats, and the reverse. (She mentions the animals usually died as a result of these transformations.) She would let a man fire a .357 magnum at her and her demons would make the bullets fall harmlessly to the ground. One day the high priest told the top witches at one of the competitions that he had specific orders from Satan to destroy a family that was giving The Craft great difficulties. This family was to be killed. They gathered in a circle and started chanting to send their astral projections to the home of the family slated for death. When their out-of-body spirits arrived to commit the murder, they found a "wall of angels completely around this man's property." A tall angel asked in a beautiful voice if Elaine wanted to surrender to Jesus. She became scared and quickly left. The others stayed longer, but eventually gave up as well.

End of Side One!

Click here to read what happens on the flip side of this amazing tape.

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