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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Nov. 22nd = International Chick Tract Day!

Chick Tract Day Panel

International-Chick Tract Day is November 22nd. That's when people across the planet celebrate the work of the most published author alive... Jack T. Chick! His little 3 x 5 inch religious comics have been distributed everywhere from America to Zambia and all points in between. With over 1/2 billion scattered across the globe, Chick truly is an American icon and International publishing phenomenon.

Why November 22nd? There's two reasons. The first is because Nov. 22nd is when Charles Bishop was sentenced to die in The Assignment (at 3:10am from a massive coronary). According to Chick's story, the angels and demons fought over Bishop's soul during the preceding 2 1/2 weeks, and the demons won! (Probably because the angels didn't think to use Chick tracts!)

The second reason is because Nov 22nd is also when JFK was assassinated, and that event spawned more conspiracy theories than any other event in the last hundred years. Nearly everyone has a theory about who really killed JFK and why. Even Chick has a theory (the Vatican was behind it). But Chick has many other conspiracy theories which he shares with readers in countless tracts. In fact, considering his distribution, he's disseminated more conspiracy theories than any other author. So what better day to celebrate both Chick's art and his flair for conspiracies than on Nov. 22nd? (See other events that occurred on this date.)

After all, you don't really think Mr. Bishop and President Kennedy both died on the same day by coincidence do you? If you read enough Chick tracts, you'll quickly realize THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE!

For other historical events on Chick Tract Day, go here.

International Chick Tract Day

There are three things you should do on November 22nd to celebrate International Chick Tract Day. They are:

1. Use some outdated expression in a fruitless effort to sound "hip." Good examples include, "Far out", "That's heavy man", or "This will blow your mind!"

2. Laugh really hard at something that isn't particularly funny while pointing at it and guffawing, "Haw-haw-haw!"

3. Leave a Chick tract for that special someone who is least likely to have any interest in Christianity. Good examples include rock stars, prison bullies, or religious leaders of non-Christian faiths. The more impossible it is to imagine they will read it and be converted by it, the more probable it is that they will fall on all fours and recite the Sinner's prayer by the end of the story (at least, that's how it happens in the tracts).

Oh, and need we mention you should also read and enjoy the same tract before you give it away? (You might as well get your full 17 cents worth.) Haw-haw-haw!

We used to offer a contest for winners (until the site became too big and it got lost in the clutter). You an read about it here. To see some of the contest winners for funniest people and placed that were sent Chick tracts, go here.

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