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"The Backrooms" is insider slang for a seemingly endless complex of halls and rooms that were discovered when an experimental, multi-dimensional portal was opened on October 17, 1989 near Palo Alto, CA.



The Async Corporation chose to not announce their discovery until more details about the complex could be determined.

Unfortunately, several accidents and deaths have since occurred, which has further delayed their public disclosure.

(The first 4 minutes of the leaked footage below is the most revealing.)



Not only have several explorers been lost in the vast hallways, but at least some are feared to be victims of previously unknown life forms.



Some potentially dangerous fungus has also been detected, requiring draconian actions to avoid contamination outside of The Backrooms.



Out of an abundence of caution, some workers have been sacrificed, but at least one has safely returned.



There are other mysteries that lurk within the complex (although none outweigh the incredible potential of The Backrooms).



There has been no life form yet encountered that could survive our modern weapons.




The scientific potential of this dimension is limitless. The power and profits it can generate are beyond any past discoveries..


Groundfloor investors face incredible profits.

And that's where The Terror comes in...

Mag Lab

After hearing about several promising experiments with Low-Proximity Magnetic Distortion by a local facility (the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (aka, MagLab)), we decided to look into this technology ourselves. If the rumors were true, and we really could access another dimension, the potential for profits would be immense. It could solve both our energy crisis AND the current problem of Climate Change. Let Async Corporation exploit The Backrooms for cheap storage space. WE intend to use it to generate nuclear power (which generates zero C02 emissions) and store all our nuclear waste safely, never having to worry about leaks or objecting neighbors (because it's in another dimension)! It will be the cheapest, safest place to solve all our energy needs-- and climate woes at the same time-- for pennies on the dollar.

The possibility of discovering and studying alien entities is just icing on the cake. Who knows what potential uses such creatures could offer? One thing's for certain: It will be a fascinating excise in science! And if you're keen to get in on the ground floor of this exciting investment opportunity, you should come check it out as well. We seek investors who are unafraid of the unknown and dare to become rich. Come by and see for yourselves... we have access to a whole new world.

Don't miss your chance to invest in our future Terawatt TLH

"Endless energy for a clean, green future."


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