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BOOKS by Monsterwax

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If you like Monsterwax cards, you should also enjoy Monsterwax books! Check our unique titles.


Terrors of War

Terrors of War

Our new war series has been fully funded on Kickstarter. Expect the completed series to be published soon. (watch for details)!

Spook Show 2

Spook Show Series 2

the long awaited sequel to our series 1, profiling the golden age of the Midnight Spook Shows! Sold with a real Zombie Slave!

M&M Clown

It's here! Legendary Lovecraft 2

The second series that includes all of the stories not included in series 1. With even more incredible art by the amazing Ricaro Garijo, Jr.. This series is a must for the serious Horror fan. Only 500 # sets made.

Lovecraft card sample

Legendary H.P. Lovecraft

It took over 75 years but finally, a card series devoted to the the masterworks of H.P. Lovecraft! Legendary Lovecraft features all original art by Ricardo Garijo, Jr, dramatically profiling the best stories from the father of modern horror! order Now.

Horrible Ugly Monsters

Horrible Ugly Monsters

the horrible ugly monster art of Bob "X"! It's so bad, it's good. If you like classic monster cards like Terror Monster, you won't wanna miss these.

Spook Show Series 1

Spook Show tells the tantalizing tale of the midnight Ghost shows. It features some of the coolest posters ever devised by promoters of the paranormal! order now

M&M Clown

Monsters & Maniacs

Monsters & Maniacs! Fans of violent zombie tales like the Walking Dead will enjoy this edgy horror series. Shot on location in a real haunted house, it includes photos, "hideous Heads", and insidious inserts! They're so gruesome and chilling, we can't sell them to minors! That's right: They're for "Monsterkids" 18 and over only!

Journey To The Center of the Earth

The classic Jules Verne adventure story with all original art by Ricardo Garijo: plus its' companion series (See below)

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Sold together in one box (w/ Journey series above)--

Don't Let It Happen Here

True tales of terror from beyond our borders, including many stories of which have since become mainstream media sensations. Just 450 boxes made.

See the winners of our D.L.I.H.H. Card Contest!


Monster Faces

Frank Russo's far out & funky monster series in just 166 boxes!

60s Sci-Fi & Terror TVseries 1&2

A cross section of the best horror and sci-fi shows of the 60s. Just 2,000 numbered sets!

Lost In Space Art Set

Lost In Space- The Art Series

If you're a Lost In Space or Sci-fi fan, you'll want to have this set: Lost In Space, the art of Ron Gross! We're now taking pre-orders for this exclusive series, and it's a beauty!

Monsters From Hell

Order Now! Monsters From Hell!

Our latest cool monster series has been hiding under your feet all this time... MONSTERS from HELL! Pre-Orders available now.

dino box

Travel through time and Space to witness the most magnificent monsters the universe has ever produced: The dinosaurs of planet Earth! Get gorgeous art and fascinating facts all in one incredible series.

Shock Stories

A sinister series of chilling art & shocking terror tales! Includes the sinister sister series -(Urban Legends) Free!

Urban Legends

The classic tales of Urban Lore, all drawn by Terry Beatty of Batman comics fame. Get Shock Stories included free! order!

The Time Machine

The grandfather of all time-travel stories, and still the best! Just 166 boxes made!

Island of Dr. Moreau

H.G. Wells' chilling tale of horror, all the more believable in today's gene-splicing world. Just 166 boxes made.

War Of The Worlds

The first and best alien invasion story, inspiring countless imitations, but no real rivals. Just 166 boxes made.

Tune In For Terror

The golden Age of radio horror & sci-fi, brought alive with original art.

Monster Movie Classics series 1

The very best of classic horror flicks with detailed commentary and Film facts. Only 2,000 numbered sets made.

Monster Movie Classics series 2

The classic killer "B" films, a dynamite follow up to series one, but with dramatic duotone spot color.

Night Slasher

The Night Slasher

A eerie homage to the classic Nightstalker series. Just 50 boxes made!

Monsterwax Promos

Monsterwax promos are scarce, cheap, and include FREE postage in the USA. Get the above 2007 Philly Promo FREE with any purchase over $9 (but by request only).

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